Training by

Dr. Chené Swart

Re-Authoring the world, one narrative at a time!

Apprenticeship in Narrative work, for people who work with people.

The re-authoring approach invites participants to become the primary authors of the many narratives they are writing and living. Some of the stories we tell sound like: “I am always alone”, “We never work together as a team”, and “We are a violent nation”.

These kinds of stories are thin descriptions of our lived experiences and are informed by taken-for-granted ideas and beliefs from our different contexts and societies; they often tell us, “This is just the way things are.” Not so! As we re-author our stories, our lives are transformed and we become participants in shaping “the way things are”

Why does this matter?

Stories are powerful because they shape, maintain and create our realities and also shape who we are, how we relate to others and who we can become as individuals and communities.

What is the effect of Re-authoring?

The effect of one transformed story ripples outward to the web of our human connectedness: our families, teams, organisations, nations and continents. This transformational work invites us individually and collectively to take up the pen or brush and start writing or painting our lives and systems into preferred ways of being in this world.

The Re-authoring lens and practices invite people, teams and organisations to take up the pen and become primary autors of the stories that surround them and shape their world.